The Cast of Ka – Episode 24


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On this episode of The Cast of Ka, things are starting to look up for our favorite dead-but-also-not-dead kiddo, Jake, as he may finally be back on the path of Ka (you can tell because towers are popping up everywhere!).

We talk about the serious business of riddles, weird dudes playing tic-tac-toe, and dig deep into some seriously cool ka-tet dream crossovers. We round out the show with a discussion of the latest Dark Tower series news. Folks, we have a new Roland and Marten and a lot of feelings about it all, join us as we process.

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WHAT TO READ BEFORE EPISODE 24: The Waste Lands – Book One: Jake – Fear in a Handful of Dust – Chapter 2 – Key and Rose 16-23

Meet the new Roland and Marten
Sam Strike in Mindhunter
Jasper Pääkkönen in Vikings

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