The Dames of Castamere – Episode 2 – Stormborn


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In Episode Two Rachel, Hurley, and Marrs dig into Stormborn — an episode that makes us feel a lot of things, some of them good, some of them bad, some of them… well… disturbing. We all cheer for Sam and his new BFF, scaly Lord Friendzone; roll our eyes over Sansa till they fall out of ours heads; and weep over back-to-back emotional reunions for our beloved, littlest assassin. We also talk xenophobia Westerosi-style, the appeal of being a dragon; threaten a riot over our favorite lady pirate; and give a huge thumbs up to the dry hump heard ’round the world.

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Show Notes For Episode 2:
Winter arrives on the opening map
Jorah’s sad Khaleesi letter
Photo of Euron for Marrs
Photo of next week’s meeting of Ice and Fire

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