The Bob Siegel Show - Can the Bible Be Trusted For Accuracy?

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The Bob Siegel Show is a weekly call in radio talk show. Bob and his guests discuss religion and its relationship to politics and popular culture. The Bob Siegel Show airs every Sunday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM PST. Listen to shows live online at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aired: 09/24/2017 Co-host Jim Berrier joins Bob, playing the devil’s advocate with a variety of questions related to God and the Bible. Questions include: -Does God really expect people to have faith in something that may or may not be true?( Hint: The answer is no. Elaboration will be interesting.) -Why does God allow hurricanes and earthquakes to kill innocent people? -Is evolution absolute fact, or just a theory? -If evolution were to be proven as fact would that mean the Genesis count has been contradicted and that consequently we must throw out the entire Bible on the basis of its falsehood? -How can you put your faith in just one book (the Bible)? -How can we trust the Bible manuscripts inasmuch as they come to us in the form of copies and the original manuscripts have not survived? -What about all those “additional gospels” that never made it into the New Testament such as; Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Phillip and Gospel of Judas? -If the various books of the New Testament were really completed by the end of the 1st Century A.D., how come it wasn’t assembled into one volume until the 4th century A.D.? -Putting aside the varying opinions of who Jesus was (Son of God? Christ? Moral, teacher but nothing more?) is there any evidence that a man named Jesus even existed at all? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See for more information.

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