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Hey, y’all. I am Shay. This is the on air indie show.Welcome & enjoy.Episode 47.First, music history trivia for May 24th.Diamond Dogs released in 1974. It was Bowie’s eighth studio album. The cover art saw Bowie as a malformed half-man, half-dog. Painted by Belgian artist Guy Peellaert, it caused a stir. The full painting revealed the hybrid’s genitalia.Alt-pop artist Ashley Pater joins the show today. We chat about the creative process behind recent releases “Stuck On You” and “Sober”. Ashley is a producer, singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada.Enjoy!tracks "Stuck On You" "Sober" Ashley Pater | Artist Bio Provided by the artist:Having performed over 105 shows in 2019 alone with her largest audience being of 100,000 people, Vancouver, Canada based R&B singer/songwriter Ashley Pater touches the hearts of her listeners through her music.Ashley’s award-winning songwriting combined with her soulful sultry voice, draws you into her story.She has been featured in Starbeat magazine, Business in Vancouver, Cloverdale Reporter, The Surrey Now Newspaper, Hope Standard Newspaper and many more.Her goal is to give the world music that they can lose themselves in, listen as she does just that.​IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) awarded Ashley Pater with two winning medals at IMTA 2019. She has walked numerous shows such as Vancouver Fashion Week as well as walking for many designers, Anqa, Gundula Couture, Alça, Femmka, and Kraft Corridor to name a handful. Produced by Apic Productions. Crew Director: Ashley Pater. Director of Photography: Albert Leung. First Assistant: Camera Brandon Liu. Second Assistant Camera: Jason Yi. Key Grip: May Pater. Production Assistant: Jasmine Yung. Cast - Aaron Harris, Michelle MacConnachie, Calum MacConnachie, Mariah MacConnachie, Avery Prasad, Nikki Bernas, Vivian Chu, Marcus Hui, and Kara Hui. Special Thanks: Jet black car courtesy of Kevin Harris Heron Bay Stables. Audrey & Kevin Apic Productions. Pebble Studio. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Link Previous Next

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