What is Inpatient Psych? Justin Capote, M.D. Interview


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Justin Capote, MD is Board Certified in both adult psychiatry and consultation-liaison psychiatry and was appointed to the American Health Council Board of Physicians for his outstanding contributions to improving mental health. Dr. Capote has extensive experience working in hospital, community, and emergency room settings. He has expertise in treating conditions related to medication overuse and misuse, withdrawal syndromes, age-related comorbidities, and common psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety, anger, and depression. Dr. Capote is a graduate of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and a member of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.

Inpatient Psych refers to acute psychiatric care in a hospital setting and includes psychiatric assessment, treatment, and medication stabilization. Patients receive treatment from a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, mental health professionals, and nurses with the goal of providing patients a protective environment to stabilize an acute psychiatric illness while developing a treatment plan and medication stabilization. While in an Inpatient Psych Unit, patients are treated by a psychiatrist, psychiatrically trained nurses, and mental health clinicians in both a one-on-one and group setting.

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