NFL Draft Props & Win Totals


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In this episode, Boone is joined by theScore betting writer Alex Kolodziej to discuss NFL draft props and 2021 team win totals.

  • How can you maximize profits when betting on the NFL draft? (1:05)
  • Which quarterback will the 49ers select third overall? (3:05)
  • Where will the remaining top-five QB prospects land? (6:15)
  • When will the top running back prospects be drafted? (9:05)
  • Is there any value betting the first receiver off the board? (11:25)
  • What trends can be drawn from the 2021 NFL win totals? (13:50)
  • Which win total should you feel most confident betting? (15:40)
  • Will the Bills go over or under their total of 10.5 wins? (17:55)

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