120 Doctor Who (Destiny of the Daleks)


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Mornin’ sir, welcome to Davrust’s Used Carleds. You came just in time sir, only got four left, they’re rollin’ off the forecourt. All from the Dalek range, we got a Shout, a Boom, a Tippytoe and a Nasty. Ignore them ones over there, they... do not move. Now, I know wha’choor finkin; they’re dented, they’re scratched, the paintwork needs a lot of care and attention, but these travel machines will last forever. First class, home grown, Skaro engineering. I mean you -could- go over the other side of the wasteland and 'ave a goosey at that all-new, fancy Movellan showroom. But really sir, white upholstery? Devil to keep clean, that is and as for them beaded headrests, come off it! Put togevva wiv screws, batteries ain’t powerful, an’ I don’t even know what those pink pointy fings are s'posed to do. Two of their models, the Lan and the Agellan, keep breakin’ daarn! And as for their top-of the-line, new model… wassit called, the er, the er, Sharon? Bits keep fallin’ off it! Nah, trust your ol’ mate Davrust, sir. These are classics. You take ‘ome a Dalek and it’ll see you to the end of your life. Shake on it sir? ‘uvver ‘and sir

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