S1E9: How humans are like (and can learn from ) TREES! with Dr. Kelly Savery


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When I first connected with Dr. Kelly Savery, I thought, "I already love this." :) I have always felt a connection to trees. I have trees all over my house, around my house. I find myself pondering and wondering about things when I'm with trees. And frankly, I just thought I was WEIRD. lol
Well...along came Dr. Kelly Savery. And she shares the MOST amazing ways we can further connect with trees, nature, and the world around us in more beautiful ways. She talks about how she uses trees and nature within the therapy room to aid in grounding and developing goals. This. Episode. Will. Inspire. You. FOR SURE. Here is a bit more about Kelly. (WHO...by the way is from the UK - so her accent is super awesome too!)
Dr Kelly Savery is trauma psychologist in the UK, who was born and raised in Bermuda. As a trauma psychologist, her goal is to help people find their roots and build a strong core so that they can grow into strong, resilient people. Dr Kelly works with people who’ve endured trauma of all kinds, but she specializes in working with individuals who have experienced sexual abuse.

Dr Kelly loves nature. Her work is inspired by lessons we can learned from trees.

Website: www.taprootpsychology.com

Instagram: taproot_psychology

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