S3 Ep 22: Faith, Victory, and Pipelines w/ Justin J. Pearson & Scottie Fitzgerald


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On July 2nd, 2021, the Hip Hop Caucus held a press conference to rally around the Byhalia pipeline fight in Memphis, Tennessee. Later that day, Plains All American Pipeline announced the cancellation of the 49-mile proposed Byhalia pipeline that would have gone right through the predominantly Black Southwest Memphis to transport crude oil for export.

In this episode of The Coolest Show, you’ll hear part of our press conference to depict the tone and fight before the cancellation, as well as the aftermath through the voices of Justin J. Pearson, Co-Founder of the Memphis Community Against the Pipeline (MCAP), and Ms. Scottie Fitzgerald, a Southwest Memphis landowner and MCAP Supporter.

Listen as we discuss the battle against the Byhalia pipeline and the importance of spirit and human first over profit.

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