Think Fit Episode 118: Using Your Mind to Successfully Make Positive Change with Bevan James Eyles


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Team this episode is a goodie!

With Tim in Canada we decided to share an episode which has by far had a tremendous impact on us both individually but also how we try to highlight the importance of self reflection and building strategise

We were extremely lucky to be joined by Bevan James Eyles this week for one of the most engaging, entertaining and informative discussions we have ever been a part of (we weren't the funny, informative or engaging part.) We discussed the importance of identifying strategies to set yourself up for success, how to make sure you learn from your mistakes and not let them define you. We have an in-depth discussion about the power of optimism and how it can lead to a healthier life as well as so much more.

Honestly! This is not an attempt to get you to listen to the episode! It genuinely was just a great episode to record. Years ago Bevan started to go overboard with both drugs and alcohol until he woke up one day and didn't like who he was. He turned his life around and became not only an incredible athlete but is Internationally recognised as one of the best minds in fitness and has helped countless people to overcome their own barriers and make successful change in all aspects of their life. We are very proud to present this episode for you to listen to and we hope you get as much out of it as we did recording it.

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