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In this episode, we chat with Author Susan Young on the Law of Attraction, and how to allow more abundance in your life.

Guest Bio:

When I learned many years ago that we are creating our own realities with the thoughts we think, I was eager to share this information with others. And, I wanted to become an amazingly deliberate creator! Yet, trying merely to think more positively wasn't creating the results that I knew were possible and I felt stuck in my current circumstances. I had been successful at everything else I had tried, including graduating from Harvard Law School, practicing corporate law and taking great care of my family, and I knew I could find a way to take a more systematic approach to this Allowing business. I read about and tried every Law of Attraction process I could find and determined what really worked and what didn’t work for me. I realized that trying a variety of processes to raise my vibration whenever I remembered just wasn't effective enough. It was then that I realized that we all need ritual, a system of sorts, when it comes to creating deliberately, a system to keep us on track and to raise our vibration to a higher set point.

I found that the combination of making some basic commitments to myself and performing two simple daily rituals began to create dramatic results in my life. It is this simple system of two daily rituals, which forms the basis of the course and ebook “How to Allow,” that has created dramatic results for readers. I received more wonderful proof of the effectiveness of this simple system by having the ebook/course "How to Allow," recognized as Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2012 and chosen as a Nominee for Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2015. "How to Allow" has also been featured as a highly recommended book by Law of Attraction Magazine in 2015.

In addition to writing the "How to Allow" course and e-book, I publish articles on Allowing at, provide individual coaching, and am a contributor to Madamesque Magazine as well as a number of other blogs. I have also appeared on Blog Talk Radio and Law of Attraction Radio on the subject of Allowing. I have been recommended as a top Law of Attraction Coach by Law of Attraction Magazine (2015). Coaching has become my true passion and I'm grateful to be able to share what I have learned with others.

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In this episode, we discuss:


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