Two Lieutenant Governors on the Rise


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While the narratives around the latest developments about the Mueller Report keep spinning in Washington, work across the rest of the country hasn’t stopped. To talk about those daily efforts, Daniella and Ed are joined in the studio this week by two lieutenant governors – Juliana Stratton of Illinois, and Kate Marshall of Nevada. Free from the distractions of inside the Beltway gossip, Stratton and Marshall speak about the challenges and pursuits that drive their busy schedules. The pair of public servants have the unique task of focusing on how to balance and address the needs of constituents living in their state’s dominating urban cores – Chicago and Las Vegas – as well as in the dozens of rural counties that accompany them. In addition to describing some of their biggest responsibilities, like presiding over the Nevada State Senate – as Marshall does – or leading Illinois’s Justice, Equity and Opportunity Initiative – as Stratton does – the lieutenant governors also pitch the best parts of their state. Everyone knows though that few things can beat D.C. during peak cherry blossom bloom.

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