#38-Guest Professor Lee McIntyre discusses Science Denial, the Scientific Attitude and Related Topics


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By Bob Froehlich, Bob Froehlich-Retired Chemist, Psychology Professor, and Julia Minton-Technology Consultant. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.

In this episode, guest philosopher, educator and author Lee McIntyre discusses his latest book, "The Scientific Attitude", and explains that the concept he calls "the scientific attitude" offers the best way to both describe what is special about science while it also solves the demarcation problem of separating science from non-science and pseudoscience. A host of other topics, including science denialism and the myth of the scientific method, are also discussed.

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