Episode 021: The Power of Personal Brands with Chris Harder


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This is a very special week for us because we have the absolute pleasure to welcome Chris Harder to the Thinking OTB podcast. Chris has been a mentor of Steve, a coach, but more importantly, a friend. We’re so grateful for him to stop by to sit and share with us some of the wisdom and insights he’s had as a highly successful entrepreneur. Our conversation hit a number of topics as we talked about everything from personal empowerment, investing in relationships and in yourself, and so on. Here are some hand-picked insights from Chris during our conversation:

On Real Estate Agents and Entrepreneurs:

“I feel like realtors, even though I'm not in the real estate space, are built the same way that I am. That is the more I put in, the more that I learn, the more that I hustle, the more that I can make and the more that I can make, I can then take those seeds and plant them and turn them into something new into a crop that's worth having. So, I actually have a really fond perception of realtors.”

Career Satisfaction and Working through Challenges:

“I think one of the most disempowering thoughts is that it has to be joyous all the time. When they say things like, ‘if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life,’ and all these other positive quotes, and I know they mean well when they say it, but they're actually quite misleading. Because when you're having a bad day or a bad week, or you don't feel like doing it this month, then it makes you feel like maybe you're in the wrong thing. Or maybe you chose wrong, or maybe you shouldn't be doing this. That's usually not the case. Maybe you didn't uphold boundaries, and now you have too many obligations. Maybe you're bored because you've been doing it in the same way for too long and it's stagnant. Right? So, examine other things. Because I think most people are probably where they should be in terms of career.”

“The power of a personal brand, I don't care if you're a Real Estate, or insurance, or sales, or it doesn't matter. A personal brand means it gives you flexibility, it gives you power, it gives you freedom to do what you want to do the way you want to do it.”

Your Worth as a Professional and Getting Paid for Your Expertise:

“Where did I get the confidence to charge that (for a Mastermind)? I've got two answers. One, I just don't want to do it for any less. I know what my time is worth. And I know I'll be resentful if I don't charge what will make me show up to the best of my ability. So, I'm not charging it for them. I'm charging it for me so that I show up and live up to what I know their skin in the game is. The second part is you have to know the market. I know what other people are charging, I know who my target demographic was, I know where I wanted to fall in the pecking order of options out there. And when you mix all that together, your output should be this number. So, it's no different than when you're pricing your home, or pricing a product, or in this case, pricing a mastermind.”

Learn from Everything and Get out of Your Comfort Zone:

“Getting outside of your industry and getting fresh perspective, fresh content, fresh ideas, is not like a recommendation, it's a must. Otherwise, when you only stay within your industry, let's say you use real estate as example: you only go to real estate masterminds; you only go to real estate trainings, of course there's really good ideas exchanging place there, but they're kind of incestualized and recycled improvements and ideas. It's not the radical, out-of-left-field brand new perspectives.”

You can find Chris Harder on his podcast The Chris Harder Show at https://chrisharder.me/podcast/

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