Episode 046 - Happy Birthday, Thinking OTB!


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It’s our one-year anniversary here at Thinking OTB! One year ago, we got some equipment, hit the record button, and started something that’s grown into the podcast you know and love about success and building legacy as a real estate agent. And with 2021 coming to a close, what a year to start in with a market that is nothing short of bananas, but the harder things are the more valuable thinking outside the box is to getting that success.

When we started this podcast we wanted a way to reach out to boots on the ground agents and give them a new way of doing business, one that is focused not only on success but also on building weath and legacy. This year we’ve talked about ways of looking at the current market and how to bring some order to the chaos. We’ve talked about how setting giving goals can bring you closer to the community which you serve, and how all of this feeds back into making this more than just a job, but a lifestyle.

Moving into 2022 we’re going to continue to bring you the best information we can about where the market is going, doing more interviews with movers and shakers in the industry and tips and strategies about how to make yourself stand out in our crowded profession. It’s one year in the books talking about how outside the box thinking can push you to the next level of your career, and we’re excited to see how much we can grow moving into the next year!

“I think for especially newer agents that are just getting into the business and trying to figure things out, you see a lot of agents that are taking time off and relaxing and they're not going hard. And the reality is now’s the best time the best time to jump in, because what you're doing now is going to catapult you in January.” – Steve

“Riches are in the niches, bitches, and at the end of the day, the riches don't necessarily mean dollars, it could also be fulfillment, you know what I mean? Finding those niches that you have a passion for is pretty important. It doesn't mean it takes away from your traditional business but you're finding something that really, really brings you out and that's what people connect to.” - Bernie

“What is your packaging and what does your value add that you can add over the other 90,000 agents that are in the market? Everybody's vying for attention, we can’t all do the same thing. It's always crazy that somebody will pay the same amount to a new agent with no experience as they will pay me with 22 years’ experience. People think that real estate agents don't add a lot of value, but they don't see when the shit gets in the weeds.” – Steve

“I’ve always thought about real estate in terms of like, good market, good economy, bad economy, good market, bad market, people will always seek shelter. So, no matter what's going on, economically speaking, with finances being good or bad people still need to find a place to live. People will always seek shelter. So real estate will always be a sound investment, whether it's hard to get into it and play or not.” - Bernie

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