Episode 047 - Thinking Outside the Box: a Client Case Study featuring Bernie!


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We’re rounding out the year here at the Thinking OTB studios by bringing you the story of Bernie and her journey to finding a new home. Luckily, she has a real estate powerhouse in her corner to help her build upon the buying power that she already has as well as helping her to get into a home for her and her family of pups! But it also was an opportunity to showcase what we’ve been preaching here at OTB about a different way of helping your clients because at the end of the day this is a business about helping people.

Be a Beacon of Light in Stressful Times

If you’ve been able to achieve a level of success in this business, it can be easy to fall into a mindset where you separate the client from the people they are. This is a business where legwork is required, showing houses and keeping in contact with buyers and sellers through the process. It can be tedious sometimes, so to stop yourself from losing sight of what’s important you need to remember that we’re working with people’s dreams for a new future, whether that dream is for a family or for a valued friend and her pups.

As a person’s agent and representative, you can position yourself as the expert in the field and help them through the stress of trying to find the home they need to start building the wealth and legacy that seems so hard to find. It may be tempting to pass off some of your interactions on your team that you may not want to do yourself, but you better believe your clients will notice. If you’re not invested in your client’s, don’t expect them to be invested in referring you in the future.

It’s all about those little moments, those small bits of personal attention that go so far in creating those lasting relationships. Always keep in mind who we’re working for, and what kind of impact a transaction like this has on a person or a family’s future and where you want to fit in that story. Are you the hero, or just the salesperson?

“People don't work through the monetary cost of not doing something the right way. And what I mean is that they won't put an extra $10,000 into a master bathroom or move the kitchen or something of that nature, thinking that's just going to cost too much, we're not going to get it back out. What they don't see is the cost that is equated to how long it was on the market and the reductions, or that it didn't sell right away.” – Steve

“It was so fun being your client. One of the coolest things for me is I've been in this business for a long time and I've gotten a chance to work with a few clients, and it's really cool when from the title partner side of things that you've worked with them on all their systems and strategies, marketing and whatnot. To really get to experience their processes because you've never been a buyer or seller. You don't do that very often.” – Bernie

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