Episode 049 - Resetting Priorities for a Thriving Business with Sharane Dorrah


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It’s a brand-new year and we’re ready to hit the ground running here at the Thinking OTB studios. After some much-needed R&R, we’ve come back together with our guest this week, Sharane Dorrah to talk about how important it is to give yourself some grace. Sharane is a veteran of the business who stepped away for health reasons but is back in business and ready for some outside the box thinking to get back on her feet.

To say that Sharane has been through some tough times would be putting it much too lightly. There is a mindset in real estate that in order to be successful, you must be ready to work at the drop of a hat. We tend to interpret this as prioritizing work over things like family and our own mental and physical health.

Look, we all need to make that money, and the work isn’t going to do itself. But each and every one of us is only human, and there’s only so far that we can push ourselves before we reach our breaking point.

“Well, we've talked about this. It is an industry wide cultural thing to go hard, grind, sleep when you're dead, chase the deal, you know, speed to lead. It is not an industry that values health.” – Sharane

The industry isn’t going to keep you healthy, especially one which has upturns and downturns. Knowing when to take time out for yourself when you need it is important to achieving real success, because without your health what exactly are you working for?

“I would say now in my hierarchy of priorities, health is number one. Number one. Even now, as I'm building and things are a little chaotic, and the days are crazy, my health is my North Star. I have to get enough sleep, I have to eat right, I've got to do things for my stress.” - Sharane

This week is part one of our conversation with Sharane about heath and so much more. Part two is coming next week!

You can find Sharane at: https://www.instagram.com/sharanedorrah/

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