Episode 051 - Diving Into Opportunities With Paige


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Life can be strange sometimes. The path that you envision for yourself one year might take an entirely different direction, depending on the decisions that you end up making. Our guest this week is Paige Callahan, a former employee of Steve’s and current real estate investor with multiple properties in her folder, and all accomplished by her 30th birthday.

Our conversation about Paige and her history graduating college, getting her first job and moving on to working for Steve, brought up an interesting way of looking at life planning. We come into the job market with big ideas for how we’re going to live our lives, and sometimes it works out the way it’s planned, but sometimes it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean that we’re talking about failure, but that sometimes life has a way of throwing opportunities at you that you may not have anticipated.

The truth is that it’s scary to make big changes. But that fear of making changes can keep us trapped in a zone of complacency that is sapping us of our creativity and our drive for success. Like Steve says, “I think sometimes it helps when we add that pressure, right? If we don't have the pressure, we tend to get complacent.”

When life offers you those opportunities that are outside your comfort zone but more in line with your plan for achieving success, we need to be ready to make change. It’s not always going to be the easiest decision but keeping a clear head and being ready to jump on those outside the box ideas you might end up finding the path that fits you better and has more potential for success.

You can find Paige at: https://www.instagram.com/paigetonz/

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