Episode 054 - How to Become a Real Estate Social Media Rockstar


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Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to potential clients but learning how to use it effectively can be a challenge. This week our guest Chelsea Peitz is here to show us the light about what we all can do to be more effective with our profiles and our posts. She is a grand master of using social media to market your brand and business, and she was gracious enough to come to the OTB studios and share with us some great tips and tricks for building an effective social media strategy.

Plain and simple, one of the biggest reasons holding people back from using social media is fear. We don’t think we’re interesting enough, or that the content we come up with is not good enough. Chelsea is here to say that it’s not about getting likes, it’s about getting yourself out there, so if anxiety has you frozen find a way around it.

“I personally love (Instagram) stories because there's no metrics, and for somebody who has content anxiety, I don't have to worry about looking at likes or people aren't going to see the posts. I like that there's no metrics because it reduces the stress, I don't have to think of hashtags, or copy, or editing, maybe slight little edits here and there, but it's fast. But it's supposed to feel unedited.” - Chelsea

Why is this relevant? She goes on to explain:

“The fact is that the majority of stories are ‘face to camera.’ So, as we're seeing your face again and again, we're sort of in this exclusive behind the scenes club, and we're hardwired to love other people's faces. …But we just start to have this like know, trust, relatability, familiarity. It really deepens and accelerates the trust process. And I think a big part of that has to do with how we as human beings develop relatability and empathy.” – Chelsea

Real estate isn’t a fast-paced sales market. Potential clients could be years away from an actual purchase. But when the time comes that they’re ready to purchase and they’re looking for an agent to represent them, they’re going to want someone they trust to help them through the process. Social Media is that marketing pipeline to help you show off your expertise while building that trust with your followers.

Running a successful social media strategy isn’t about being active on all platforms at all times. Unless you have a team helping you out, you have to be careful of overextending yourself and burnout. Focusing your attention on one platform, one that you can really dedicate your time to, will be far more effective in the long run.

“Do I think you should be on all (social media platforms)? Not if you're beginning, no. I think you need to pick one and really, really focus on that one. …I know that my burnout starts to turn on the minute I start going the same level on all of them and I can't. I can't do it. Now if I had a team and they were editing all the things maybe. For me, I'm picking Instagram, and that's where I'm doubling down. And you know, it's not like I never show up on the other places, but it's just not my focus.” – Chelsea

We had a great conversation with Chelsea about these topics and so much more social media on this week’s podcast. You can find Chelsea on all the platforms, but the best place to catch her is on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/chelsea.peitz/

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