Episode 056 - Overcoming Hard Times as a Real Estate Agent


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This week on Thinking OTB we’re bringing things a little closer to home to give you a little peek behind the Valentine Group curtain. Nicole Porter, one of our Rockstar agents is joining us on the podcast to talk about her life before joining up with Steve and how thinking outside the box and realizing her limitless potential has changed the way she views herself and her career as a real estate agent.

The truth is her story before joining up with Steve is unfortunately not a unique one. It’s been a hard couple of years for everyone. For some of us, it’s been difficult to recover the flow we might have had professionally before, and it’s been a game of catch-up ever since. Nicole found herself in that very same situation, having moved from Michigan to Arizona and working two jobs and trying to make her real estate career work for her. Sometimes the goals we set for ourselves take hard work and learning from what isn’t working so that we can keep finding those solutions to keep your momentum going.

“I think your story represents what a lot of people listening go through in that you haven't reached the end goal yet. Like maybe you know that you have this momentum and that you're growing, and it wasn't just success just falling out of the sky for you. You had perseverance, you had conviction, and you had a gut instinct of what you needed to do, and I think that that is super, super important.” – Bernie

There are two great takeaways from Nicole’s story. And no, one of them is not finding a way to work with Steve and Bernie, we could all only be so lucky! The first takeaway is that it’s not always easy starting something new. Sometimes it can be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. It takes hard work and dedication to make those changes, and if the goal is true and right for you, the work is worth it. The second takeaway goes with the first, that if you’re ready to work toward something you need to have the humility to know when you need help.

“The bigger moment, though, was her mental shift of whatever it takes to put me in a place that I can succeed. How do I be around somebody that I can learn from?” – Steve

Working in this industry as a real estate agent has great potential to help agents build wealth and strong professional roots so that they can help others achieve their legacy goals as well. It’s not always easy, but if you keep working at it, if you keep growing and developing those outside the box ideas, it can take you places you never dreamed you would go.

“It’s about finding the right team in the right place and being willing to do the work. It's not always just about the split conversations and who’s getting what. Everybody wants to know, well, what about all that? And I would tell them, look, I’ve sacrificed so much, and even with the sacrifice I made, I still made almost double my income from prior years.” – Nicole

You can find Nicole at her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicoleporteraz/

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