Episode 058 - A Deeper Look at Real Estate Conferences (Our Time at Inman Connect)


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We’re back in town after traveling to New York to attend Inman Connect and let’s just say that we have a few notes. But first, shout out to all of the speakers and the city for having us! It’s always a treat to take a trip to the Big Apple, and to be among so many of our colleagues from around the country is an experience that doesn’t happen every day. We heard about some new technologies that are intersecting with Real Estate, and what the digital landscape has in store for life as we know it. We truly live in interesting times.

One thing that we did notice about the event, however, was the lack of something near and dear to us: Outside the Box Thinking. We’re all about finding solutions that are unique to our client’s needs and finding new ways to build wealth and legacy through our professional interactions. What we ended up seeing at the conference is an adherence to the old way of doing things, a low-energy way of approaching a rapidly changing market landscape.

Even still, events like Inman Connect are great venues to network with so many professionals from across the country. But like any professional event, know what you want to get out of it and understand what it is when you attend. Investing in yourself by getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and making lasting connections is a great way to push yourself both personally and professionally.

“I think the industry needs some refresh when it comes down to these types of events. It’s not just bringing in real estate agents, it’s about bringing in amazing people from all different walks of life. Real estate communities need to start bringing in people to inspire and motivate agents in ways that will add to their business.” – Steve

“I always thought that if I was a realtor and I went to Inman, my whole goal besides meeting and networking with people would be to come away with some feathers in my cap that I didn’t have before. I’m looking for resources to become aware of and educated on, so that when I meet with a prospective client, I’m much more educated and an authority on the industry.” – Bernie

“If you go to these events to pull a bunch of information, that’s great but it’s just a quarter of what you’re really there for. Go and meet different people and hear their stories, get motivated and inspired, but make those connections from all over the country and make some referral partners.” – Steve

“I would say, go into an event with a mindset of number one: I’m going to come out of this with at least three new ideas, number two: I’m going to leave here having met and connected with 10 new people, and number three: I’m going to evaluate how I can apply all of this to my business.” – Bernie

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