Episode 061 - Perspective on the Changing Real Estate Market with Kevin Kauffman & Fred Weaver


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In the studio this week we have one of the best partnerships in the business, two individuals who like Steve have made a huge name for themselves since the old days of crazy markets: Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver of Group 46:10 and Next Level Agents! We have a wealth of knowledge and shared stories that we’re going over this week, and how that experience of coming up in the short sale market that gives us a fresh perspective on where today’s market is heading. Bottom line: don’t fear the reaper.

Aside from our discussion about the market and the way it’s not like the short sale days of 2009, we also have a chance to talk about their long running business partnership. They’re the exception to the rule of the eventual partnership break up, still going strong after all these years, and they have some words of advice on how to make it work. You’re getting all this and more on this episode of the podcast, movers, shakers, and some outside the box thinkers.

“I think there's just a lot of uncertainty, and when people are uncertain, they try to predict what they think is going to happen. The reality is like none of us truly know. We know what's happening right now, I know what's happened over the last 30 days, we know rates have gone up, we know the inventories going up in the Phoenix market and many other markets across the country. I think the thing that we've been talking about is people are getting really challenged right now and have to truly believe in homeownership and selling real estate because it's a lot easier to sell real estate when everything goes up.” – Fred

“I forget the guy who said it, but the quote is, effectively, ‘Chaos creates opportunity.’ When people start freaking out, from a purely strategic standpoint, from a business standpoint, chaos is good.” – Kevin

We've always been committed to the idea of learning and being mentored and taught by others. I think that's something that hasn’t changed no matter what. We're always making sure that when we start a relationship or in a conversation with somebody, that somebody is someone that can help us with our business or our mindset.” – Kevin

“The thing I kick myself for is earlier in life, not putting a certain percentage of my income aside just for investments. Even if I didn't know what I was going to invest in, but to just grow in some account. It’s just that simple and it’s something I will teach other people, and someday teach my kid.” - Fred

You can find Kevin and Fred at their website https://www.group4610.com/ and on their Podcast The Kevin and Fred Show: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kevin-and-fred-show-next-level-agents/id1438457876

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