Episode 062 - Building Community with Networking


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One of the things that we like to think keeps people coming back and listening to us week after week is not just our ‘outside the box’ ideas, but our appeal as people in the business. We feel very strongly that the greatest strength of a successful real estate agent is the ability to network and be personalities people love to listen to and do business with. Building community by helping people get into communities is key to making it in this business, and that’s what our guest Frankie Gerola is great at. He’s not only a great agent and entrepreneur, he’s also a great person who’s motivated to do what’s best for his clients and community.

Frankie G is one of those agents that it’s easy to just drop right into a warm and meaningful conversation with about what it means to be in the business and how he’s been able to find success in his own way. It all comes back to doing our best to build community and be ready to try new things to find that success and build legacy for ourselves and our clients. Frankie is a masterclass in listening to his clients and doing his best to find solutions that match what his clients are trying to tell him. The hardest part of our conversation was limiting it to a reasonable time!

“It’s a partnership, you know, your success depends on his success and vice versa. That’s what I think is a true partnership. One of the questions I’ve always asked, and I will always continue to ask is: what can we do together, and how can I help you?” – Frankie

“I’ve always had the mindset that you either win or you learn. If you can keep that in mind, you never lose.” – Frankie

“I’m a firm believer in going back and doing what’s hard, which in our business is cold calling. I love cold calling, give me a phone and a headset!” – Frankie

“I firmly believe that the consumer holds all the cards and I think agents are going to have to step outside the box and provide a service to be successful. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we as real estate agents are not even really finding the houses for the clients anymore. They're not finding on our portals; they're finding them all on the other third party websites!” - Frankie

You can connect with Frankie G at https://www.instagram.com/gilbertnow/ or frankgerola@gmail.com

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