"GIFTED" feat.Multi-Talented Singer, Actress & Speaker Stephanie D. Sanders


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The Bible says, your gift will make room for you, and this woman of God certainly has a plethora of gifts and talents that God has blessed her with that she is excited to share.Stephanie D. Sanders is an Award-Winning singer/songwriter, who is determined to leave a positive impact on her listeners world-wide. The youngest of three children, she was born in the Sunshine State of Florida on October 10th and has always been a go-getter. This talented woman of God is not just a singer; she is also a gifted Actress, TV Host, Voice-Over Artist, and emerging Speaker, Entrepreneur and Creator/Producer. Ms. Sanders has used her voice as an on-Air Radio Personality from Central Florida to Seattle, WA, as well as being a Voice-OverArtist for companies, products, radio stations and movie trailers. PLUS, we are going to be talking about the Black woman who was shot in her home in Fort Worth, TX by a Police Officer and the information surrounding this case. Another Black victom of being Black and inside your own home. It begs the question, is anywhere safe nowadays. We are also going to be addressing the "Pink Elephant" in the room and the question that is on everyone's mind, and that is what is going on with men wearing women's clothes?? Where did this trend come from? Well, we are going to have a "Come To Jesus" meeting with our brothers during the show. And, of course we have another dynamite "Thought of the Week" in store for you as well. We're going to be talking about God's Plan. Can't wait to share it with you. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8pm. Don't miss it.

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