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Tonight, we share with you Pt. 2 of our Stand Up, Speak Up Listener Event that took place on May 11th and was live streamed on Facebook from our Thinking Out Loud Radio Show Fan Page ( In Pt. 2 we start to shift gears and to focus on the solutions and what can we do as a community to move closer to a solution. We glean from our esteem panel of experts; Atty Amanda McRae, Atty Jeremy Bowie, Deputy Chief Ray Washington, Atty Aaron Burrell, Hon, Council member Kendrich Bates, Atty Boyd White and Assoc Prof of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University Jennifer Cobbina. They offer insightful and thought-provoking answers to this ever-present questions of how do as a community respond to the problem. Tune in tonight to hear what they have to say. ​In addition, we begin tonight's show offering an unfortunate addendum to this conversation by inserting Breonna Taylor's name to the latest list of victims of Police Brutality. We discuss her the details of her murder in the show opening as well as pay homage and tribute to the Life, & Legacy of El-Haj Malik El Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X on this his 95th Birthday. What would he say about these latest string of violent deaths from our community at the hands of the police? ​Finally, we pay our collective tribute to this year's Graduating Class of 2020, by sharing with you our Commencement Address as the Class Speaker of the Graduating Class of 1998 from Michigan State University. Tonight's Thought of the Week is dedicated to the entire Class of 2020. We want to celebrate and recognize your accomplishments during tonight's show. As you can see we have a lot to discuss and a lot to get into tonight, and we hope you will tune in.

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