Episode 15: Oh Oko, How Could You?


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Thirst episode 15: “Oko how could you?”


Legacy Challenge

Delver variants

BUG Delver

Ironically Lawrences frontrunner?

Hymn is not playable

RUG Delver

Not happy with threats



Brazen Borrower


Bant Midrange

UR Delver

Mana being better seems like a huge upside

Not losing much. Except for maybe the combo mu

Good or no?

Landon crushing with it
Oko + Astrolabe is an issue that will need to be addressed(Lawrences tweet)

Maybe Veil is a bigger issue?

4 & 5 color piles

Just how good is wasteland
Lands Maybe good, maybe not?

Field of the dead


Congrats Brian Coval GP Columbus champ!
Adam Fronsee-Runner Up

What to play In Bologna?


Dominic Monfre-How do you think the various flavors of depths fare without RUG?

Eliyahu David-Is Bant Midrange(Thomas’s challenge t8 List) going to be a viable option? Thoughts on the list and strategy.

Tom Simons-How long before we see astrolabe banned in legacy? If not, are we just going to end up in a weird inbred meta where you’re supposed to force t1 astrolabe then surgical it in sb games?

Draw comparison to top

Will-Thoughts on the various flavors of Lands floating around? RG/RUG/BUG/Jund/4C?

JAck Kendall-How will you approach the new meta? Which interation of Delver is the best shell moving forward? Predictions for the GP?

Joe Dyer-Top 10 ways to drunkenly slog through thanksgiving?

Teddy-Appropriate thanksgiving meat?

Any Wilson-Thoughts on Wasteland?

Dan Neely-What should I play this weekend to give myself the best chance to qualify for the format championship

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