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Episode 4-Happy Birthday Mystic Man

Modern Ban List

Effects of SFM? Too easy to splash? Will we see the sfm leveling game?-greedier and greedier blade lists How many batterskull to play?

Blade Variants

Esper Mentor Urza-Blade Goblin Engineer & how that relates to mana usage

Flash Variants

SFM Tips Activate sfm then resp with bskull Play around clique The “sfm port” Cryptic mode + bounce skull

How to select your equipment package Batterskull Swords Light & Shadow Fire & Ice Sinnew & Steel Truth and justice Feast & Famine War & Peace Manriki-Gusari Inventor's Googles

Mono White Shells

Maverick? Deadguy Ale Mardu Blade?

Company shells?

Bant Spirits?

Counters for SFM?

Play powerful linear strats Tron?

Dredge still a thing? Enablers for dredge Blue Dredge? Scour Bazaar Trademage Desperate Ravings



Grixis Death’s Shadow

Affinity blade

Soulherder deck

No Legacy changes Eric Hawkins Ban Narset & W6

NBC Rug wins challenge Play around stifle in the dark when you see RUG mana? Probably not Does that make stifle better? Probably yes

Legacy we played Lawrence-12-3 w/ 4c delver 3-2 with UW

Steve- 4c Control 3-1 Steve's 4c deck

paper Blade-felt medium

Edgars/anuraags deck

60% against fair assuming both players have similar hands May still struggle vs combo

Vintage Lol shops still exists Will fastbond do anything? Vintage Lands

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