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This episode, we have another psychotic romance for you with 2000′s Bounce. One of Miramax’s 2000 awards-hopeful misfires (which ultimately led to the rise of Chocolat), the film stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck as two would-be lovers brought together by a plane crash – only she doesn’t know that he’s the one that gave a ticket to his now-dead husband. At the time, the film was sold almost exclusively on the former relationship between the stars and ultimately that was all it got attention for.

Bounce was also somewhat of a downshift in critical affection for writer-director Don Roos after the prickly Indie Spirits favorite The Opposite of Sex. Though this film sparks with some of his sharp dialogue, Bounce suffers from too many plot contrivances to make the love story less queasy. In the end, a heavy hitter year in the lead acting categories easily shut out the two stars out already dealing with backlash after their Oscar wins.

We also take a look back at the fits and restarts of Affleck’s career from the perfect casting of Gone Girl to the almost matinee idol days of Armageddon, discuss the era that was Brunette Gwyneth, and we return to our beloved Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

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