Episode 34: Mel Lyman, The Greatest Man In The World (And Not Troubled By It In The Least)


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When you're known as the meanest tub-bassist around, you're bound to attract all kinds. Sometimes it's a self-proclaimed Harmonica Jesus who stumbles into being the head of a cult. Charles Manson made having a "family" a la mode, so maybe it was bound to happen? Bank robbery, arguing hippies, blue grass music, and harmonica... so much harmonica...

Leigh's song pick:: Jug Band Music by Jim Kweskin


Peter's song pick:: Flowers on the Wall by The Statler Brothershttps://open.spotify.com/track/3uG4ygD1bIP3YspJm9N4KO?si=0ynWmexNQsSI1JJe3mSGxw

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