Ep. 13 - "Seeing Opportunity in Disguise" with serial entrepreneur Adam House (#ThisIsMyEra the Podcast)


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Adam House

Ready to meet someone who’s not only made this his era, but whose career seems to already span multiple eras? Adam House is a successful serial entrepreneur who’s been running successful companies since age 19. In addition, he’s a dedicated father (listen to the podcast to hear about his son’s entrepreneurial spirit!), a pro basketball player, and on the board of a major philanthropic foundation.

In this episode, Alexander Star chats with Adam about how success can follow an unexpected path, how life goals can be achieved out of the usual order, and about that all-important theme which undergirds the #ThisIsMyEra ethos: building a legacy. A huge takeaway from this episode is Adam’s philosophy on seizing opportunity. It’s sure to both motivate you and change the way you approach opportunities in your own life.

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