Impeachment Special 3 - Clinton and Trump


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And the hits keep on comin’! It’s almost like we can’t keep up with the Impeachment Circus that President Trump has brought to the stage in Washington, DC. And that’s ok - because, as you know by now, here at This is the President, we’re all about looking to the past - never forward. Well, maybe forward, just a little bit. Or backward. It gets a little confusing in this episode. We start out simply enough, with a little bit of a visit to the videotaped deposition by President William Jefferson Clinton way back in 1999. Diiizzzammm. That was 20 years ago! But we don’t just stop there. Oh no. It just so happens we stumbled upon a very interesting interview from that very same year from a failed business and bankrupt casino owner by the name of Donald J. Trump. And what does Mr. Trump have to say to the (then) sitting President Clinton? Well, let’s just say that he has a few choice words of lawyerly advice for the cigar lovin’ former Arkansas governor. But don’t just take our word for it - tune in! This episode also brought to you in part by our other podcast Comedy History 101. Check out our latest episode on the History of the Oldest Jokes in the World! Like This is the President? Why not subscribe to the podcast over at iTunes! Hey - and while you’re there, leave us a comment or rate us! Don’t cost nothing!

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