Don't Pay Your Water Bill? Pay the Consequences. (Guest: Tiffani Bell, The Human Utility)


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Tiffani Bell is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur working on a not-for-profit funded by Y Combinator. Tiffani's mission? Help people pay their water bills. The consequences are direr, and the stakes are much higher than you'd think.

Tiffani is helping families in Detroit pay their water bills. You will walk away absolutely shocked with what the consequences are if you skip paying your bills - on what everyone considers to be a basic human right.

We talk to Tiffani about her journey to Silicon Valley and her first startup. Tiffani talks about her experience on a CNN show, and what it was like having cameras follow her around every hour of every day. And how the experience changed her and her perspective. We talk to Tiffani about bias in Silicon Valley and how she would explain bias in simple terms to investors and other entrepreneurs. Tiffani talks about pattern recognition being a massive driver of bias, and what the ramifications are.

Tiffani provides a detailed explanation of water rights, how they work, and how the water rights could be the next major battleground in the Bay Area.

This is a fascinating, informative episode of the podcast which may scare you a bit. Enjoy and tweet us @subes01 or @kaykas if you have future guest suggestions!

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