If You're So Amazing, Why Are You Still Single? (Guest: Amanda Bradford, Founder/CEO of The League)


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We hosted our second live show in San Francisco featuring Amanda Bradford - the Founder/CEO of The League. We asked Amanda about why online dating is broken, what she thinks of all the major dating websites, and how The League's approach differs. We invite audience members to share crazy online dating stories at the end of this episode - it's a must-listen.

Amanda explains her love for data, which she developed during her time at Salesforce. She talks about Marc Benioff's influence on her life as an entrepreneur, and how she employed data to find her current boyfriend. She even goes into details behind the 'funnel' stats and how many people she had to meet in order to find her current beau. What we discover in the process is that most people constrain their preferences quite extensively.

We ask Amanda about what she thinks of other popular dating websites such as 'Bumble', which she calls a 'fake startup'. It's a provocative section of the podcast for sure which you don't want to miss. We learn about how The League filters prospective candidates, and we learn Amanda's motivations behind starting the site. We ask Amanda why people are searching for the near impossible when they date, and what it will take to find 'the one'.

We invite random audience members up on stage to discuss their online dating stories. The second story is almost too unbelievable to be true.

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