Dopamine Fasting: Cultivating A More Mindful And Healthy Relationship With Technology


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However useful and informative, the digital world also poses a number of threats to our wellbeing. When handled excessively, it can become a source of unhealthy habits and addiction. If you are in dire need of a digital detoxing, then this episode is for you. Hosts Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen dig deep into this subject to help us have a more mindful and healthy relationship with digital technology. In particular, they explore the concept of ‘dopamine fasting’—the avoidance of pleasant things that are dopamine inducing, such as what is online and even rich food. Ironic it may seem, ridding yourself of these pleasant things every now and then benefits your entire wellbeing in the long run. Rather than looking for that quick escape, you begin confronting and exposing yourself to uncomfortable feelings, breaking addicting habits, and living life mindfully and with more awareness. Allow Jason and Whitney to tell you more about the effects of our increasingly unhealthy relationship with technology and the ways we can overcome them.

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