The State Of Wellness: On The Practices Around Wellbeing And Mindfulness With Jeff Krasno


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In recent years, there have been contrasting views that claim we have achieved peak wellness on one hand and that wellness is dead on the other. With so many modalities and techniques that are surfacing, how can we frame our minds to understand what wellness really is today, and whether or not the integrity behind it still stands? In this engaging episode, Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen talk with Jeff Krasno to shed light on where the state of wellness is. Jeff is the man that created the concept for Wanderlust, serving as its chairman, and the founder of Commune Media. Together with Jason and Whitney, Jeff helps us determine the difference between wellbeing and wellness in relation to counterculture and capitalism and reminds us that at its core, these practices are designed to be internal. In our quest for mindfulness, enlightenment, and wellbeing, may we focus on internal transformation rather than the external and stay true to our authentic self.

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