Episode 180 - Celebrating Super Mario 64!


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Hey everyone! This week we have a bunch of games to talk about, including diving deep on Mario 64. But first we talk about how we are still obsessed with Hades, Bally discusses Minit and The Walking Dead Season 1 before Nbz goes crazy about Genshin Impact - a game with VERY clear influences. After the break we talk A LOT about Super Mario 64. Our history, our favourite levels and your comments! It's a great discussion and we'll be doing the same for Super Mario Sunshine in episode 183!
Check out the Game 4 All Show that Nbz guested on:
3:25 Hades
18:35 Minit
23:39 The Walking Dead (Season 1)
28:43 Genshin Impact
46:58 Celebrating Mario 64
2:58:31 Outro
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