Duke Brouwer - 30 years in the surf industry, board paddling, surfing, giving back


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In Episode 62 we speak with Duke Brouwer, a man who has built an incredible life around the ocean and the surf industry. Duke takes us through his story of learning to surf in the 82/83 El Nino, managing the legendary Gordon & Smith surf shop in Southern California, and his years living, surfing, and diving on Maui. We hear of Duke's 14-year career with Surftech, the arrival of SUP, and great stories of the legendary people he spent time with (Joe Bark, Gerry Lopez, more). Duke shares his perspective on giving back to the ocean community and those less fortunate through volunteer work (Jay Moriatry Paddle Race, 24 Hour Paddle) and hear about his work with Buell Wetsuits to inspire the next generation of ocean athletes.

Thanks for sharing Duke's ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of him on Instagram and Facebook. There is also some fun stuff on the This Ocean Life Instagram and Facebook pages. We are also on Twitter ranting about anything cool happening in the ocean.

This episode is sponsored by Buell Wetsuits. Driven by their passion for surfing, Buell Wetsuits & Surf was born out of Ryan Buell's garage and today creates quality products for core surfers the world over. From frothing groms to touring pros, Buell Wetsuits are trusted and worn in line-ups from Steamer Lane to Sebastian Inlet and beyond... For your next wetsuit go to buellsurf.com or stop by Buell Surf Shop at 912 41st Ave in Santa Cruz.

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