Hole's Live Through This with Bryan Safi


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The hysterical, smart and fun Bryan Safi sits down with Deborah and Joel and unleashes his love for Hole’s “Live Through This.” They all agree this album ROCKS. They talk about the trashy mosaic herself (Deborah Tar-...sorry, Courtney Love) and the, let’s say, messed up circumstances surrounding this album’s release. Bryan shares what it was like growing up having religious parents, a very popular brother and feeling like an outsider in El Paso, TX. Well, Bryan was popular too but his brother was off the charts popular in middle school. But the Bette Midler/Whitney Houston fan stumbled upon this album, liked the cover because it looked like it was from a beauty pageant, asked his mom to buy it for him, took it home, started playing it and was like, “WHAT??!!!??” The young man now had a dirty secret. They also talk about milk because if you listen to this album eventually you just talk about milk. These particular songs are “Nobody’s Baby Now” by Nic Cave and the Bad Seeds and Extreme’s “More Than Words.”. Subscribe, Listen, Enjoy, Rate and Review.

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