Bangkok Dangerous | Expat Life, Justin Bieber Strife & Dinner In The Sky w/ Mario & Friso


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This week the boys are joined by Mario Zwepink & Friso Poldervaart, two awesome (and well-connected) Bangkok entrepreneurs. Being local lads, they join Mickey, Willy and Jimmy in the flesh at Check-Inn 99. The beer flowed as did the conversation, taking us to some super weird places – from Mario’s cock, to Justin Biebers hotel room. Friso brought the well-known ‘Dinner in the Sky’ to Bangkok (and soon to Pattaya). Not to be out-done, Mario brings Thailand some of the better known celebrities. This leads us onto the Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein & Asia Argento cases along with the #metoo movement. We round this off with Justin Bieber’s list of demands, as Mario tells us what Bieber REALLY gets up to, in his hotel suite in the small hours of the morning. We discuss expat life in Thailand, how Mario feels being half Thai & Dutch (and how that affects his penis). You can learn more on the Bangkok Expats Facebook forum (if you dare). When we touch on their Dutch heritage & Amsterdam, we’re lead into the weeds (literally) by Jimmy who regales us of his Cannabis grow house in the UK. We also touch on cryptocurrencies & ICOs, and in typical Mickey style, he sneaks in the audio of a man making a 911 call, who calmly explains to the operator his feet have just been cut off – plus much much more! Sponsors: Join in the conversation with Mickey and Willy, in the official chatroom: Email us at Please remember to subscribe, rate and review to the POD! #thepodcastpost #bangkok #dinnerinthesky #justinbieber #expat #podcastfridays #thisstrangelife #lastpodcastontheleft #thehighersidechats #conspiracies #facebook #weinstein #asiaargento #metoo #ICO #911 #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #ghosts #aliens #joerogan #jre

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