Hans Utter | Slave to the rhythm, CIA mind control, Weaponized sound & satanic imagery


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Hans Utter | Slave to the rhythm, CIA mind control, Weaponized sound & satanic imagery It’s episode 28 of This Strange Life. Hans Utter is an ethnomusicologist, author, producer, and researcher. He joins the boys to discuss the recent history of sound and music, and how this can effect our physiology and psychology - and how this is used ‘against’ the masses. Human beings have evolved to react to certain sounds, in our quest for survival! How many times have we heard a song and been transported back to a moment in our childhood. How many times has a song changed our mood for the better or worse. Why do we move when we hear beats and rhythms? Why is music integral to psychedelic experiences such as ayahuasca ceremonies? Can all this be used by governments against us? Which of the current crop of stars are CIA assets out to mind control the population? We discuss how sound is weaponized in warfare through the infamous Ghost division and used as Crowd control to agitate participants and disperse protests All through the show we eulogize about the importance of songs and bands, and share our memories as we take a musical journey from the 60’s psychedelic, through disco, hair metal & grunge through to house music & baggy music to the present day. We loved it, and we think Hans did as well! We also touch on the infamous “brown note”.. does it literally make you shit your pants? Get in touch with hans at: His website: http://hansutter.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sitarhans __ Big thanks to our sponsors: Zest coin — zestcoin.io — Charity-focused masternodes Nextpakk — nextpakk.com — solving last mile delivery Join in the conversation with Mickey and Willy, in the official chatroom: thisstrange.life/#discord www.thisstrange.life/ twitter.com/strangelifethis www.instagram.com/strangelifethis/ thistrangelifepodcast@gmail.com Please remember to subscribe, rate and review to the POD! #Wagner #hansutter #Ride of the valkyries #CIA #poppy #brownnote #ethnomusicology #mindcontrol #mkultra #music #ayahuasca #podcast #podcastfridays #thisstrangelife #TSL #hangout #truecrime #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #ghosts #aliens #joerogan #jre

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