Niall Murray & Paul Lindsay | Serbian Movies, Semen Swallowers, Staying Awake, Sangsom Massacre


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- Some special songs from Niall at 50mins & 1hr40mins - This week the team is joined by the “cream” of Bangkok rock music Niall Jozef Murray from The Sangsom Massacre and Rock Shreller and Paul Lindsay from post punk-rockers Stay Awake. We kick off with the two Scotsman on a Sunday before the legendary Celtic Rangers clash. Straight off the bat we’re discussing ancient Greek and Roman teaching practices, the inspiration for Sting’s Don’t Stand So Close to Me and Nabokov’s teenage lust. We swiftly move onto A Serbian Movie, and Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal along with James Newman’s new Fun City Saga book. From there it’s downhill fast as we discuss the ancient tribal traditions of the Papua New Guinean semen-swallowers and the sad story of the Jewish oral circumcision tradition that went terribly wrong when the circumcisioner passed on oral Herpes to his baby client. Before the break Niall charms us with an acoustic Sangsom Massacre track and the boys discuss local music trends including the introduction of Shoe-gaze rock in the Thai music scene and how to break in to international events. From here we tip toe back onto the subject of improper adult / child relations and Jordan reveals a bombshell from his Laotian past. We close this Sunday show with Niall singing a beautiful cover of Morrissey’s Every Day is like Sunday. Find Stay Awake here: Instagram: stayawakepunks Up coming gigs are: 22/05 - Fuck all fest 2 - Landinlanrinsura pub (Near Chatuchak) 25/05 - Uprising: Wagayway festival (Cavite, Phillippines) 30/05 - Beer Republic (Chit Lom BTS) You can find Rock Shreller here: The Sangsom Massacre here: Join in the conversation with Mickey, Willy, James and Jordan and keep up to date with what’s going on in our FB group Email us at Please remember to subscribe, rate and review to the POD! #serialkiller #police #Nabokov #Serbianmovie #sementribe #catholic #childabuse #Bangkok #psychedelics #rockshreller #pythons #chesterbennington #stayawake #circumcision #herpes #Thailand #sangsom #lao #teaching #williamburroughs #charlesbukowski #50daysof sodom #amodestproposal #sting #thepolice #direstraits #thejesusandmarytrain #proclaimers #ravis #bangkokbands #eatingpooh #shogaze #truecrime #joerogan #lastpodcast

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