THE TORCH BEARER'S EXORCISM by Linda Luisa Varela Tychsen


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THE TORCH BEARER'S EXORCISM by Linda Luisa Varela Tychsen The Torch Bearers Exorcism starts at the close of the 1980s. Cherie is an unusually private and guarded girl with a nonconforming sense of style and a habit of constantly doubting everything around her. When she meets David during her first week on campus her emotions go into overdrive. Hes exactly what she would have asked for if it were possible to wish people into existence. They seem to be two sides of a coin. But does he actually care about her? David is an outgoing, attractive and popular guy with rather a lot more experience in the world than ingnue Cherie. Swept up by passion, subterfuge, confusion and magnetism; Cherie must untangle what she feels and whether she can believe his love for her is real. This is a story about painful love, being a young woman in a less egalitarian time, betrayal and overcoming it. About learning the hard way that people arent always what they seem or what we hoped they would be. About healing and growing into independence. About the Author Linda Luisa Varela Tychsen (LLVT) is a Spanish citizen born of a Danish mother in Chicago, Illinois. She's lived 19 years in Spain, 18 years in the USA, 10 years in the UK and 2,5 in the Netherlands. Her qualifications include a BA in English Literature, a Law degree, an MBA, and a slew of smaller certifications that seemed to make her truly unemployable. This conundrum inspired her first published tome: SPANISH ANGST (2006): a high concept comedy about the difficulties of making it in the working world. A writer from childhood with some performance in her past, Luisa maintains a blog at Recordings and other excerpts of LLVT's banter can be seen on the website; including video performance of storytelling in Utrecht and a short script about getting dumped. That short script was the departure point for this second work about the pain of love and how one woman dealt with it; or didn't until it was time to bury the torch.

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