ZERO POINT OF POWER by Michael Shenton


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ZERO POINT OF POWER: HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS-POSSIBLY? by Michael Shenton If you examine someone who is famous and successful, youll see that he probably suffered a major financial loss or crisis before achieving his dreams. That person and others like him have balanced a time when they were treated with contempt and ridiculed with much happier times. Even if that success is lost, the process of balancing is still there. That balancing effect is what qualified hypnotherapist Michael Shelton calls the Zero Point of Power, and understanding how it works equips you with the tools to be happier and more successful. To master the technique, youll need to live in the present moment and always ask yourself: What is the most important thing that needs to be accomplished in the next two minutes? When you recognize the positive and negative forces in life, you can achieve a harmony where balance is achieved. Start applying spiritual/universal principles to your daily life, and be more productive, abundant, and creative with the lessons in this life-changing book. About the Author MICHAEL SHENTON is a qualified hypnotherapist and has conducted sessions and workshops that have led to many life changing experiences. He empowers people with knowledge and power, and his goal is to bring love, joy, happiness, prosperity, and good health to people throughout the world. Michael currently resides in Australia.

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