October 16-31 2017: Uranus Rocks the Libra New Moon! (#456)


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Uranus Rocks Libra New Moon * Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal * Triple Thor’s Hammer * Listener Chart * More!
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Uranus rocks a Libra New Moon in the second half of October, firing up quick-change energy for new beginnings. Other highlights include a rare and intense Triple Thor’s Hammer, an aspect pattern with two “Fingers of God,” and much more!
Our Part One Listener Chart, features Samantha, whose natal Mars is lit up by the Libra Full Moon (and its opposition from transiting Uranus!)
I also take a brief look at the chart of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. His horoscope vividly shows what fueled both his rise to power and his alleged serial sexual abuse.
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  • Overview: 1:53
  • 10/16: 2:22
  • 10/17: 2:38
  • 10/18: 3:37
  • 10/19: 7:22
  • 10/20: 10:55
  • 10/21: 12:23
  • 10/22: 12:36
  • 10/23: 12:47
  • 10/24: 14:28
  • 10/25: 16:56
  • 10/26: 17:00
  • 10/27: 17:19
  • 10/28: 18:07
  • 10/29: 18:54
  • 10/30: 18:54
  • 10/31: 19:00
  • Next Show's Highlights: 19:31
  • Announcements: 21:17
  • Part 1 Listener Chart: Samantha (7/16/82, 4:33 pm, New Orleans, LA): 22:39
  • Harvey Weinstein celebrity chart (3/19/52, time unknown, Flushing, NY): 28:09
  • Index: 40:00
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