TWiT 741: Jin Yang's Not Hotdog Method


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  • California passes law to kill the gig economy
  • Facebook refuses to ban lying in political ads
  • Why does internet access in America suck so much?
  • Pixel 4 event: kinda dull
  • Pixel 4 review: camera zoom not that great, face unlock works even if you are asleep or dead
  • Law enforcement face recognition banned in California for 3 years
  • Google focuses on "ambient computing"
  • Technopanic and social media
  • Zuckerberg is amoral, Facebook should just ban political ads
  • Google is great at everything but selling hardware
  • Pixelbook Go: perfect for college kids, but not for us
  • Google Nest Wifi sounds good
  • Air Force stops using 8-inch floppies to control missile launches
  • Malware makes ATMs spit out all their cash
  • Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber coming to a TV near you
  • RIP Yahoo Groups
  • Huawei is doing great!
  • Virgin Galactic shows of its spacesuits
  • Cobol turns 60
  • Fortnite is down! Technical error or marketing genius?
  • Is TikTok China's entry into our children's minds? Or is Mike Elgan just paranoid?

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Florence Ion, Mike Elgan, and Seth Rosenblatt

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