Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is


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You’ve heard the expression “…put your money where your mouth is.” Well, today we talk with a woman who says “…put your money where your heart is.” Janine Firpo is a brilliant and accomplished woman who has enjoyed terrific success in Silicone Valley with a long tenure with Hewlitt Packard and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Today Janine wants to help women throughout the world feel more confident in investing while she shows us all how to invest in ways that mirror our values. Whether you want to invest in your local community, invest in clean energy, or maybe invest in ways to bring prosperity to impoverished areas of the world, Janine’s forthcoming book explains exactly how, and why, you should consider that. And then we talk to Frank Murphy, an authentic “piece of work”. Frank tells the story of “watering” his peach tree in full view of his entire neighborhood; of childhood bartenders, and drinking with Baptists. Frank is a very funny man and proves it on this week’s episode of The Approach Shot.

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