Steve Lyons and Comic Big John Richardson


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Another great week with two fantastic guests on the Approach Shot Podcast. First we spend time with former Major League Baseball Player, Steve Lyons. He’ll explain why they call him “psycho” and how he got the nickname, “Flash”. Why did h take his pants off on first base? Steve talks about his 9 year major league career, his inability to hit a low slider, and his mediocre golf game. Once you hear him you will realize what makes him such a great TV analyst that he has won 3 Emmy awards. Then comes Big John Richardson, a stand up comic living in the comedy Mecca of Evansville, Indiana. But, he lived in Louisville Kentucky at the same time John Ashton was on the radio there. Now that brings up some comedic memories. Another fun, funny, and entertaining week for John Ashton and Neal Michaels on The Approach Shot.

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