Special Event This Thursday!


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Join our host Amy Martin and National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale this Thursday, September 10 for a live recording of Threshold Conversations!

Ami Vitale is an internationally-renowned photographer whose work invites us into extraordinary, intimate interactions between humans and wild creatures, and shines a light on the complicated relationships we have with our fellow beings. She’s received some of the biggest honors in the photography world, including a National Geographic photo of the decade and five (!) World Press Photo of the Year awards.

You're invited to be part of the discussion and take a peek behind the scenes to see how the sausage—er, podcast—gets made.

You can find details and tickets on our website: https://www.thresholdpodcast.org/threshold-conversations-live-with-ami-vitale

All proceeds from this event support Threshold’s independent, non-profit journalism.

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