279: 'Humor That Works'


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This must be some kind of a joke. "Humor That Works"?

Well, it's not a joke -- even though we launched this minisode on April Fool's Day - which ALSO happens to be the release date of (AN)DREW TARVIN's new book aptly titled "Humor That Works: The Missing Skill for Success and Happiness at Work".

Click the link above to grab yourself a copy!

"The funniest business book I've ever read." says Luann Tarvin , HR manager and Drew's mom.

Listen to this minisode plucked from the original conversation between Drew and Lou deemed to be a true Thrive LOUD classic by Lou, Drew and both of their mothers.

And a special shout out to Lou's mom, who coincidentally and ironically, acted as a career counselor for Drew Tarvin. When she learned that Drew was going to focus his career on helping instill humor into the workplace, she laughed.


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