Through the Looking-Glass (version 5 dramatic reading) by CARROLL, Lewis


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Sequel to Alice in Wonderland, this volume sees Alice travel through a mirror to a dream-world where she meets chess pieces and other curious characters. (Summary by David Goldfarb)CastNarrator: David GoldfarbAlice: Miss AvariceThe White Queen/The Fawn: Elizabeth KlettThe White King: Algy PugThe Father/Gentle Voice/Oysters/The Lion: Vinnie TeslaThe Tiger-Lily: Cheri GardnerThe Rose: breezyweezyA Daisy/The Pudding: Heather PhillipsAnother Daisy: ElliA Violet: Liz BenningtonThe Larkspur/A Horse: MalaneThe Red Queen: AvailleThe Guard/The White Knight: Peter YearsleyA Gentleman/The Red Knight/Long-Beaked Creature: Levi ThrockmortonA Goat/Someone: Chris DonnellyA Beetle/The Carpenter: Shea McNamaraGnat/The Moon: Amy GramourOther Voices: Bill Mosley, Steve Belleguelle, Tom CrawfordTweedledum and Tweedledee: Peter BishopThe Walrus/The Unicorn: David LawrenceThe Sheep/Hatta: Arielle LipshawHumpty Dumpty: Matthew ReeceHaigha: Denny SayersThe Aged Man/The Frog: Martin GeesonShrill Voice/The Fishes: Liberty StumpAudio edited by: David Goldfarb,/p>

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